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Could this be because it appears to be destroyed in and Captain America: Civil War.

Given that the third Captain America movie actually has more superheroes on-screen than both Avengers movies, they appear to be the perfect choice for Infinity War and signed on to direct both movies back-to-back.

Some of them even give a hint of what we can expect from the huge superhero showdown, and you can check them out in our breakdown of the best Given that we don't have any official images from the Avengers: Infinity War movie just yet, you probably want to know if we've at least got some concept art which might give a hint as to what we can expect. Disney's start-of-production video happily included some concept art from the movie featuring Iron Man, Thor, and more. One of the concept art images shows Tony Stark surveying numerous models of his Iron Man suit, which no doubt implies he'll be getting a shiny new upgrade for Infinity War.

Another sees Thor and Rocket at the heart of the action (though not against each other) - but did you notice that Thor doesn't have his trusty hammer Mjölnir?

Only the Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) and his secret lover Sara (Jessica Chastain) can stop them in this sequel continuing the inventive twist on the Snow White fable.

We know there's the Mind Stone, currently residing on Vision's forehead.As I mentioned earlier in the cast list, we're pretty sure his henchman Corvus Glaive will make an appearance, but he won't be the only one.Disney revealed that a number of the Children of Thanos will appear in Infinity War at D23 and .Marvel Studios released an official logo for the movie (which you can see above) at D23, and The posters have a hand-drawn quality rather than the usual shiny movie stills we're used to seeing on posters.Clearly, this is more of a teaser than an official poster, but for the fans lucky enough to grab all three at Comic Con, it's a pretty cool keepsake.

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